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Seamus Pope

Seamus Pope,  owner operator of Strait Land Surveying Inc. is the successor to John Theed. Under the direct guidance of both Robert Allen and John Theed, Seamus earned the designation of Land Surveyor within the province of B.C. in 2013 and subsequently assumed the responsibilities of the office of John Theed Land Surveying Inc. as well as those of Robert Allen and Company Professional Land Surveyors. Seamus works both in the office and the field upholding the standards of survey work accomplished by his predecessors.

Rafael Rebolone

Rafael Rebolone is our office project manager and after many years of hard work & determination is now registered as a BCLS. Rafael brings with him vast knowledge in legal, construction, and GNSS applications. He is more than capable of transforming our field survey data into the products that our clientele require. He has 15 years of experience working under various BC Land Surveyors, and is more than happy to assist you in creating the right survey plan for your specific project.

Dan Fennings

One of our senior field crew chiefs is Dan Fennings. Dan has been surveying this province for over 30 years, gaining highly valuable experience in all types of survey, both construction and legal. He has been apart of some of the largest hydro electric power projects in the province, involved in both engineering layout and final right of way survey plans. He has vast knowledge on boundary establishment surveys, and all types of engineering and construction surveys.

Derek Inkster

Derek Inkster is our senior field survey technician. Derek has been surveying in BC for well over 10 years. He gained valuable knowledge of engineering and construction survey operations working for three years on the East Toba & Montrose Creek Hydroelectric Project, seeing that project from start to finish. He has been with us for the past 6 years, and has gained much experience in legal boundary establishment, subdivision, topographic and building layout surveys.



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